To make your smile beautiful, bright and permanently free of flaws

Agoura Advanced Dentistry brings you the official solution in the form of Lumineers!

Lumineers are extremely thin, tooth-like shells that are custom made to make your smile gorgeous. If you have any of the following flaws in your teeth, consider them taken care of with Lumineers:

•Gaps and spaces between teeth

•Discolored or dull, yellow teeth

•Damaged, chipped or cracked teeth

•Short or misshapen teeth

•Heavily stained teeth due to failed endodontic treatment or tetracycline

•Crooked or misaligned teeth

Lumineers are custom made at Agoura Advanced Dentistry for each of your teeth that you wish to treat. You can select the shade of your liking, the shape, size and even length that you would like your teeth to have.

Walk out of our clinic having the permanent Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of. Call us at Agoura Advanced Dentistry for your Lumineers consultation today!


There are various reasons why your teeth lose the luster they had when you were a kid.

Some are natural for instance enamel hypoplasia and some caused by habitual defects for instance excessive intake of alcohol and carbonated drinks; bacterial decay due to bad oral habits etc.

But we have the best cosmetic dentist Agoura Hills, of Agoura Advanced Dentistry, who guarantee you the same sparkling white teeth again. Our professional advisor and renowned dentist Dr. Kam Kamanagar, considers that a treatment embraces diagnosis, methodological cure and completion with a proper advising session on how to further care for and maintain the your oral health.

Whether it is veneers or Invisalign, our dentist at Agoura Hills CA, are reputed for their precision in dealing and healing your dental imparities. When you approach us with your doubts and concerns, we also pay heed to all your details and gather all the critical information, such as your sensitivity and allergy issues. These information, help us devise the most applicable and comfortable treatment procedure for you.

Instead of opting for something from those teeth bleaching products available in the market, the advisable solution may lie with your family dentist Agoura Hills. We are dependable, qualified and slick about every aspect of dentistry and that is the reason, we have numerous clients placing their trust in us for a healthy and joyful smile!

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