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TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint is a vital connection, between your mandible or lower jaw and the skull

This is also the decisive factor for the overall appearance of your face. Since this joint is located at such a critical juncture it, affects a lot of other important organs too, which include your head (migraine), eyes, ears, nose and of course teeth.

If your teeth are not properly aligned and you experience a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound whenever you open and/or close your mouth, then it is time you showed up at Agoura Advanced Dentistry. Sufferers of TMJ disorder experience chronic pain in certain parts of their body; this is also one of the reasons, why this problem does not get the appropriate treatment. Sleep Apnea is another muddle in the lives of people suffering from TMJ disorder, the symptoms of these are, unnatural and sudden pauses in breathing, when one is sleeping.

We are enlisted amongst the most dependable dentist Agoura Hills and Dr. Kam Kamangar has been able to create a long list of clients with his unswerving services. Our proficient personnel will help you recover uncomplicatedly from these problems.


•After a proper and thorough diagnosis, we explain to the patient what actually the disorder is

•Then as we suggest the solutions, we simultaneously explain how we will carry it out, so that the client is able to build-up his/her assurance in us

For TMJ treatment Agoura Hills, we can be your unfailing curers!

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