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“Received a lot of compliments about the veneers I got from Dr. Kam’s office on my front two teeth. They wonderfully filled in the gap between my front two teeth, and also improved the look of one of the teeth, which had been abnormally small my whole life. When I saw my mother for the first time after, she said, “it’s about time you fixed that tooth, you look great!”

- Juanita Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)

“My visits here are great! I found Dr. Kamangar on Yelp and he has made me very happy.  He is conservative and honest, never conjured up fake dental injuries to get a thousand fillings. His exams were straightforward and did not involve a lot of time. Overall, I like that he just does his work without trying to make extra bucks.”

- Juanita Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)

“Dr. Kamangar is a very capable and professional dentist. The office and staff were efficient, accommodating, and made everything pleasant. Thats all you need to be a great dentist in my eyes.” -

Juanita Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)




Dr. Kam has many years of experience as a cosmetic dentist and has extensive training including advanced use of digital imaging, which enables his patients to evaluate and further preview their smile prior to the start of treatment.




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